Climate Control

     The climate control system in a vehicle is a complex system that requires routine maintenance for optimized seasonal performance and operation. The vehicle’s climate control system is comprised of multiple, smaller systems that work together to maintain a comfortable cabin environment. Within your climate control systems are the air conditioning and heating systems.  There are five components that comprise an automotive climate control system- the evaporator, compressor, condenser receiver, Fluid Transport and then expansion device.

     The climate control system provides fresh air from the outside of the vehicle into the cabin. This system purifies polluted air or removes unpleasant smells, improves efficiency, heats the air and cools the air, in addition to de-humidifying the air by first cooling it and then re-heating it to the desired comfort temperature.

     The main goal of your vehicle’s climate control system is to provide passenger comfort in as quick a time as possible. In addition to providing comfort to you and your passengers, this system also helps regulate the temperature of the vehicle in extreme conditions. If you suspect your vehicle’s climate control is acting abnormally, give us a call to schedule your appointment.