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For almost 40 years, DINAN has been North America’s premier BMW tuner. They develop, manufacture, and market a comprehensive line of high-performance products and systems. These products are distributed through a nationwide network of Authorized DINAN Performance Centers. At eMpower Automotive, we are proud to say that we are an Authorized DINAN Performance Center.

DINAN holds an industry-leading warranty program, quality products, and solid engineering. DINAN products are more than BMW. They extended their products to Mercedes, Mini-Cooper, and Fiat- all in addition to BMW.


The technicians and engineers at DINAN are trained to find multiple ways to get the best out of each European vehicle that enters the market. DINAN uses the highest quality materials for their parts such as stainless steel and carbon fiber. They understand that many enthusiasts view their car as more than a car. DINAN offers a wide variety of products to its clients to ensure that each car can be customized to the enthusiast behind the wheel. Some of the products DINAN offers are:

Chassis Tuning

Driveline Tuning

Engine Tuning

Signature Packages




With a DINAN tune, there are multiple stages and upgrade packages available. When you choose eMpower Automotive to perform your DINAN upgrade, we will answer all your questions and review the best options for your vehicle.

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