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At eMpower Automotive, we understand that a car that comes off the assembly line might not be quite
up to speed, which is why we offer a variety of tuning and engine modification options. When you make modifications to your vehicle, you can change many things about it from adding more power to the engine or even improving the fuel efficiency.

Typically, when we think of tuning and automotive performance, we think of race cars. With today’s advanced automotive technology, tuning is not just reserved for race cars. Most performance tune-ups are focused on increasing the rate of combustion in the engine by putting more air and fuel mixture into the engine. With this, the compression ratio is increased, meaning that it burns faster, as well as gets rid of the waste products of the fuel faster, therefore, increasing efficiency. The goal is not only to allow the car to go faster or to be more powerful but also, to increase the strength of the engine so that it can deal with the additional stress that happens when we make the engine more powerful.

When you modify your vehicle, you make physical adjustments such as upgrading your exhaust system, adding performance brakes, or tuning the engine. Here, at eMpower Automotive, we’re able to assist with all types of performance modifications from in-depth tuning to upgrading your vehicle physically. We’re proud to say that we are an Authorized DINAN Performance Center.

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